Refining MSSP Model

The traditional Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) business model is being challenged by circumstances and new modes of security outsourcing. The volume and severity of threats make the [...]

Red Team and Penetration Testing for Corporate Security

How easy is it for a malicious actor to get into your network? Penetration testing seeks to answer this question. Commonly referred to as white hat pentesting, a penetration test detects and [...]

Meet Us at FS-ISAC Fall Summit

With thousands attendees from financial institutions anticipated to come this year, FS-ISAC Fall Summit 2018 taking place in Chicago, promises to be once again, an important event for the global [...]

Countermeasures for APT38

APT38 has hit the news wires on several different feeds, they outline what this group has done and how it was able to accomplish several multi million dollar heists, and continue to pose a threat [...]

Cybersecurity Is Not a Job for Humans

Is artificial intelligence better suited than humans to keeping our networks safe? Keeping our networks secure from hackers is becoming too big a job for humans. The increasing complexity of [...]

Did you just create a paradise for hackers? – Part 2

Why Shadow IT is the oxygen supply for APTs & what can you do to cut it off? The Use Case of Reverse RDP This is the second post of the series highlighting real life APT attacks examples (you [...]

How Breach and Attack Simulation Helps Enterprises

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) put intolerable pressure on enterprise cybersecurity countermeasures. Generally reactive in nature, today’s standard cybersecurity controls are overly reliant [...]

Product Review by SC Media – HaXM by XM Cyber

HaXM is a substantive effort by XM Cyber to be among the forefront of advanced persistent threat (APT) simulation platforms that continuously expose all attack vectors, above and below the [...]