11 Top Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Vendors

A look at the top vendors in the breach and attack simulation (BAS) market, a new IT security technology that promises continuous vulnerability assessment.

First threats in a post-phishing world emerge

Researchers at XM Cyber have uncovered a new means of carrying out e-mail attacks without the user or cyber security teams knowing. Attackers convert the user’s account into a tool to [...]

8 Cyber Attack Simulation Tools to Improve Security

Assess your data center security flaws before bad guys do! One of the many news we hear in a current digital era is a cyber attack. It disturbs the business, damage the reputation and panic end [...]

November Startup Funding: Big Deals Dominate

A dozen tech startups involved in mobility, software, cybersecurity, robotics and smart payment terminals each raised $100 million or more in November.

Škoda to Unveil its Newest Car in Israel

Earlier this week, the Czech automaker announced it is expanding its footprint in Israel through collaborations with three Israel-based auto tech startups  

Every day is a fire drill for bank cybersecurity teams

Cyberthieves continually hack away at weaknesses in banks’ digital defenses, sometimes coming in waves that involve thousands of attacks. The startup XM Cyber proposes that banks steel [...]

Marriott called to pay for guest passports amid data breach

Amid Marriott International’s ongoing data breach, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is calling for the company to pay for new passports for guests who have had their personal information stolen [...]