As more people work solo, security leaders offer guidelines

A number of payments industry leaders and security experts spoke with The Green Sheet recently to share insights, educational guidance and unique perspectives on how to stay safe, healthy and [...]

Drilling Down with XM Cyber

How many times have we watched a movie where there’s a blaring siren and a loudspeaker with a stern voice shouting, “This is not a drill!” It’s a counterpoint to the idea that the military and [...]

Why We Needed to Compile Our Own NodeJS

Assaf, one of our main developers, noticed some crashes in our NodeJS processes. Here’s the crash log: FATAL ERROR: invalid array length Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory 1: [...]

Voice of the Vendor: RSA Conference 2020, Part 2

He had too much good stuff from this year’s giant RSA security show to fit in one episode, so Joel Zaidspiner is back for conversations with Infosec, Panda Security, Respond Software, Trustifi, [...]

Protecting Remote Workers From Cyber Threats

If you’re reading this from your home while working remotely during the COVID-19 crisis, you’re in good company. A recent study by Global Workplace Analytics showed that even before the [...]

Why Cybersecurity Needs to Become the Top Priority for SME’s

When we think about data breaches, our minds tend to drift to the spectacular incidents that make national or international news. Yet while they rarely pop up in the press, small and medium-sized [...]

Coronavirus and Cyber Attacks Share a Common Weakness: Good Hygiene

The coronavirus – also known as COVID-19 – has been inescapable lately. What you may not know, however, is that global human health pandemics can also infect the cybersecurity world. For [...]

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