How Advanced Persistent Threats Work

The term Advanced Persistent Threat, or APT, was apparently first coined at the United States Air Force in 2006 but joined the common vocabulary of the global cyber community in 2010, when Google [...]

How To Choose a Breach and Attack Simulation Solution

Breach and attack simulation (BAS) is a relatively new IT security technology that can automatically spot vulnerabilities in an organization’s cyber defenses. BAS solutions represent an [...]

Breach and Attack Simulation vs Pen Testing

How easy is it for a malicious actor to get into your network? Cyber attacks are growing steadily in number, strength, and variety. In parallel, even the most sophisticated adversaries are using [...]

Top Tips for Purple Team Assessment

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‘May the Fourth Be with You’ to Protect Your Critical Assets

What better day, May the 4th, to take inspiration from Star Wars as you continuously work hard to be always one step ahead of cyber attackers? “Ready are you? What know you of ready?” [...]