HaXM by XM Cyber – CISO Use Case


XM Cyber empowers the CISO with ongoing insights into where and how cyber-attackers can infiltrate their network and compromise the critical assets. The exposure of attack paths is followed immediately with actionable and prioritized remediation in a 24×7 loop. This ongoing process works in real time to ensure that an organization will continuously improve its cybersecurity posture, reduce IT hygiene risk,  optimize cyber resources and secure meaningful metrics for board reviews.

The Challenges

  • Ever-changing infrastructure, network and threats landscape
  • Establish cost-efficient cybersecurity programs aligned with business needs
  • IT-skills shortage
  • Information overload
  • The ability to deliver meaningful metrics to the Board

XM Cyber’s Approach

  • Simultaneous and continuous APT attack scenarios customized to each network focusing on real user behaviors and exploits
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date attack methods and techniques
  • Automated reports with key findings and prioritized actionable remediation

The results

  • Insights into cybersecurity investments
  • Prioritized actionable remediation, increasing cybersecurity posture
  • Data-driven reports
  • Optimization of cybersecurity resources

See HaXM by XM in action