XM Cyber – GRC Use Case

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Risk management for cyber security requires a continuous examination and testing of your defenses. How strong is your current security posture?  What happens if cyber criminals breach our defenses?

XM Cyber shows you what happens if an attacker gets inside your perimeter. Where can they go? What data can they steal? What security controls failed?

Through continuous threat simulation, XM Cyber prioritizes actions for your security team, protecting your most critical assets and reducing risk across your organization.

The Challenges

  • Multiple security products open gaps that are hard to find
  • Visibility and accuracy of security is impossible to measure
  • Pen tests and control validations are point in time, not continuous
  • Constant change in IT networks, systems and people are prone to human error

XM Cyber’s Approach

  • Simultaneous and continuous APT attack scenarios customized to each network using real user behavior and exploits
  • Comprehensive up-to-date attack methods and techniques
  • Automated reports with key findings and prioritized actionable remediation

The results

  • Risks are identified continuously, 24/7, 365
  • Potential attack paths are prioritized for immediate action
  • Recommended remedies are provided for each attack path
  • Overall risk is greatly reduced and continuously monitored
  • GRC team members work hand in hand with IT on actionable risk reduction

See HaXM by XM in action