Vulnerability Assessment

Contextual Vulnerability Risk from Intrusion Likelihood to Business Impact.

The Widening Remediation Deficit of Vulnerability Management

Fixing every known vulnerability has always been operationally infeasible.
With over 29,000 new CVEs reported in 2023, and an estimated YoY growth of 25% for the year ahead, this remediation deficit is only set to grow. The sheer number of vulnerabilities is only the tip of the iceberg, with the growing diversity and distribution of assets, combined with outdated prioritization logic. So even teams with ample resources patching and testing can take an extended period of time, due to complex approval processes, and limited context as to which systems to patch first, and why.


Singular viewpoint of asset risk, distracts from the big picture problem

One by One is Never Done

Focusing on individual CVEs, limits the effectiveness of patching

Lack of

for business impact risk that warrants the justification to act

Manage Vulnerabilities The XM Cyber Way

Experience proactive vulnerability management that prioritizes critical risks. Transform your security posture with XM Cyber’s innovative approach.

Focus Remediation and Patching Efforts on
High-Impact Vulnerabilities

Dynamically Discover and Prioritize the Riskiest CVEs

Continuous discovery and dynamic mapping of vulnerabilities across hybrid infrastructure.

Identify the most likely breach points and quantify their intrusion risk.

Accurate validation of the exploitability of high-risk remote-code executable CVEs, with integrated attack path logic for enhanced prioritization.

Report True Risk of Vulnerabilities

Comprehensive dashboards and reporting of CVEs by device, software or products, with holistic risk logic.

Seamlessly Pivot security context from intrusion risk to business impact risk, based on CVE exploitability.

Validate which vulnerabilities present the greatest risk to the business, and track remediation efforts to ensure the effectiveness of defensive strategies

Accelerate the Mobilization of Vulnerability Management

Streamline Security operations through the mobilization of risk remediation and vulnerability management.

Justification, prioritization and remediation guidance to accelerate closed-loop vulnerability management.

Disrupt multiple attack paths and future-proof the security posture of your most critical assets.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Prioritization for the Hybrid World

The next generation of risk-based vulnerability management is here, with dynamic and continuous CVE mapping that allows you to seamlessly pivot security context from a traditional to a transformative RBVM construct.
Prioritize your viewpoint of vulnerabilities from exploit likelihood to business impact risk and streamline the mobilization of remediation efforts, with rich contextual guidance, to justify action and proactively accelerate security operations.

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