New Name, Same Risks: Two Microsoft Entra ID Attack Paths
Zur Ulianitzky and Bill Ben Haim | October 04, 2023

For those not yet aware, Microsoft Entra ID is the new name for Azure AD, just announced this July. By way of brief history,…

Pentesting, Red Teaming, BAS tools, RBVM, Exposure Management – The Many Options for Addressing Exposures
Mark Jaffe | September 28, 2023

Pentesting, Red Teaming, Breach and Attack Simulation, RBVM, Exposure Management – Oh My! Your Guide to the MANY Options for Addressing Exposures Here’s a…

Exposures, Exposed! Weekly Round-up September 17-22
XM Cyber | September 26, 2023

Welcome back to Exposures, Exposed!, XM Cyber’s weekly round-up of exposure news you can use. We scour the cyber universe to bring you the…

What is Exposure Management?

Exposure management is a process by which organizations identify, evaluate and mitigate risks that dramatically impact operational resilience, financial stability and even business continuity….

Exposures, Exposed! Weekly Round-up September 10-15
XM Cyber | September 18, 2023

Welcome back to Exposures, Exposed!, our weekly round-up of exposure news you can use. This is XM Cyber’s collection of this past week’s most…

The Power of Attack Graphs in Cloud

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, organizations use various tools and systems to identify and address security vulnerabilities. But despite these efforts, a definite…

Under the Microscope – Dissecting 3 Real-life Attack Paths in Retail
Chris Keller | September 12, 2023

Few industries are as competitive as retail.  From giants like Amazon to independent boutiques to your neighborhood hardware store and everything in between, they…

Exposures, Exposed! Weekly Round-up September 03-07
XM Cyber Research | September 07, 2023

Welcome back to this week’s Exposures Exposed!  If you’re following along, you know that here at XM Cyber, we’re on a quest to bring…

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me. How Attack Paths Create a Common Language of Risk for IT and Security
Matthew Quinn & Gali Rahamim | September 04, 2023

Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship knows that there can be a vast gap between what you say and what others hear. The…

Exposures, Exposed! Weekly Round-up August 27-31
XM Cyber Research | August 31, 2023

Welcome to XM Cyber’s new weekly news round-up, Exposures, Exposed! This column takes a look at all the events regarding cyber exposures that caught…

What is Attack Path Analysis?

Attack path analysis is a cybersecurity technique that helps cyber defenders and security stakeholders identify and map potential routes that threat actors could take…

Using GenAI to Improve Cybersecurity, with Privacy at the Forefront
Shahar Fermon | August 24, 2023

In this digital age, cybersecurity has become essential to every organization’s operations and an integral part of our consciousness as individuals. With an ever-rising…

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