Fix less. Prevent more.

Continuous Exposure Management

XM Cyber automatically discovers how attackers can exploit your environment. It creates a graph of all attack paths to critical assets, so you can stop wasting time on fixes that don’t reduce risk, and instead focus on the 2% of fixes that shut down nearly all attack paths to critical assets.

75% of Exposures Aren’t on Attack Paths to Critical Assets

Despite teams’ best efforts, attacks continue to go undetected. Attackers bypass security controls and exploit a combination of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and identities to move laterally towards critical assets. Without understanding how exposures create attack paths, remediation teams waste time fixing the wrong things.

Overwhelming and growing lists of vulnerabilities, misconfigs and identity issues 

IT teams get remediation tasks, that lack clarity into the risk to critical assets

Lack of attacker perspective leads to inaccurate, ineffective prioritization, and frustration

XM Attack Graph Analysis™

Stop Attackers by Uncovering and Blocking Their Paths

Change the way You Work

The Most Comprehensive Continuous Exposure Management Solution

Holistic Attack Path Management

Use XM Cyber's Proprietary Attack Graph Analysis™ to see how CVEs, misconfigurations, and over-privileges chain together into attack paths to target critical assets. Then make informed decisions based on exploitability and risk impact.

Dead End Identification

XM Cyber maps out all the potential attack paths to your critical assets so you can deprioritize exposures that are worthless to an attacker — the dead ends that can be safely ignored.

Choke Point Identification

XM Cyber Attack Graph Analysis™ uniquely identifies choke points where many attack paths converge. Remediate these spots to stop attackers from advancing to your critical assets.

Active Directory & Identity Security

Attackers leverage identities in attacks, and the complexity and pervasive nature of Active Directory makes it a prime target. XM Cyber zeros-in on identity issues and cached credentials.

Context-based Remediation Guidance

With XM Cyber, you get context-based guidance on all the different remediation options available, to accelerate the remediation process and improve process consistency.

Hybrid Cloud Posture Management

With a holistic, attacker-oriented perspective, XM Cyber grants insights you need, regardless of the environment - cloud, on-prem or hybrid.

Security Posture Scoring & Trends

Demonstrating improvement in your security posture over time is essential. XM Cyber helps you share continuously updated metrics of security posture and trending that shows the impact of remediation efforts.

The most comprehensive exposure management platform

More Coverage, Smarter Prioritization, Fewer Fixes

Fix less, prevent more

Answer “Where are we most vulnerable?”

Scalable critical asset protection

Hybrid cloud attack surface reduction

Security posture score and trends

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Continuous Exposure Management

Fast Track Your CEM Program Maturity

XM Cyber is the most comprehensive way to meet and maintain a continuous Exposure Management program – and now teams can easily operationalize it with our EMS Managed Service. Extend your existing security team with the power and expertise of a designated remediation expert.

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Why Customers Love Us

“We are having more meaningful conversations with IT operations because we are able to lay out what vulnerabilities that we should be addressing, and we get their buy-in. We may show them that we don’t have compensating controls in certain areas, so new priorities are needed.”

Director of information security, governance, and risk compliance, Insurance industry

“I measure risk reduction by how long I can sleep. I sleep better now.”

Head of IT infrastructure, Retail industry

“A huge benefit for me right now is that there’s no competition between IT security and IT operations anymore. IT operations uses XM Cyber proactive now. The people responsible for servers, for example, have set up some of their own scenarios and solve problems better than in the past. People see that their actions make their responsible area more secure. Things are much better now.”

CISO, Manufacturing industry

"XM Cyber is an important layer of security... Normally, you have to prove to IT to patch and change configurations. Not with XM Cyber."

Frank Herold, Head of Security Platforms

“Understanding different attack types and how they move around in an environment, that's really where XM Cyber plays a big part for us.“

Anne Petruff, Vice President of Enterprise Services

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