Continuous exposure reduction for the hybrid attack surface

The Challenge

Addressing vulnerabilities is only part of the problem; There's a world of other exposures, that when combined, create attack paths to your most critical assets. Most exposure management solutions fail to help organizations move beyond siloes to create scalable and sustainable exposure management programs.

Volumes of vulnerabilities, many of which aren't relevant in your environment
Lack of context leads to inaccurate, ineffective prioritization
Ad-hoc penetration testing is infrequent, costly, and disruptive
Misalignment between IT and Security teams around communicating risk

The XM Cyber Exposure Management Platform

Risk Exposure Scoring & Trends

Discern your risks at any time with 24/7 analysis over your environment alternative text

Discern your risks at any time with 24/7 analysis over your environment

  • Understand your security posture and answer the fundamental question: Is my business secure?
  • Zero-in on high-risk choke points and see which critical assets are at risk
  • Determine whether your security score is trending up or down
  • See the impact of your investments on security posture over time
  • Deliver a straightforward and quantifiable view of risk and ROI to the board

Attack Path

Reduce the time it takes to respond to threats alternative text

Reduce the time it takes to respond to threats

  • Get quick and thorough analysis with the efficient modeling engine
  • Visualize all attack paths across your AWS, Azure, GCP and on-prem environment on a single attack graph
  • Contextualize risk to critical assets
  • Pinpoint key intersections where attack paths converge to prioritize remediation efforts
  • Proactively mitigate potential threats in seconds

IT Ops and Security Teams Synergy

Build better relationships between IT ops and cyber security teams alternative text

Build better relationships between IT ops and cyber security teams

  • Provide solid and clear reasoning behind remediation recommendations to align IT ops and security teams
  • Expand beyond security from an IT operations perspective to include developer hygiene management
  • Sift through the noise and focus on fixing real issues instead of simply responding to all alerts
  • Improve identity and access management processes

Ultra-Efficient Remediation

Slash multiple exposures in one fix alternative text

Slash multiple exposures in one fix

  • Identify which critical assets are at highest risk
  • Move from endless lists of exposures to focus on fixing choke points and remove the risk to critical assets at a fraction of the effort
  • Get step by step remediation instructions to quickly close security gaps
  • Support business decisions with data that demonstrates how security posture is improving

Attack Surface Visibility

Maximize security with comprehensive critical asset visibility alternative text

Maximize security with comprehensive critical asset visibility

  • Get comprehensive understanding of what assets in an organization can be compromised
  • Obtain real-time insight into the percentage of critical assets at risk
  • Visualize how attacks can spread throughout the environment
  • Detect and prevent lateral movements within the network
  • Secure both cloud and on-premises systems for full coverage

Continuous Security Controls Monitoring

Close gaps in your security controls before they get exploited alternative text

Close gaps in your security controls before they get exploited

  • Ensure continuous validation for security tools (in-cloud and on-prem) that are configured properly and functioning
  • Continuously validate compliance with standards like ISO, NIST, PCI, SWIFT, GDPR and others
  • Regularly review priorities needed to cover security gaps, alongside with recommendations for steps to improve
  • Get alerted to deviations from normal behavior with precise analytics

Continuous Attack Surface Reduction at Enterprise Scale

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Efficiently address the exposures that impact your organization the most

Continuous and safe risk visibility
Accurate risk prioritization
Cost effective remediation
Hybrid cloud attack surface reduction
Security posture score and trends

Ready to see all ways?

Discover how Schwarz Group, the largest retailer in Europe, uses XM Cyber to see issues before they happen and then prioritize accordingly. Learn more in this short video!

Understanding different attack types and how they move around in an environment, that's really where XM Cyber plays a big part for us.

Anne Petruff Vice President of Enterprise Services

Because it offers continuous, automated protection, security issues that would normally take dozens of manual steps to discover are surfaced almost instantaneously.
We have historically been compelled to focus pen tests on non-critical areas of infrastructure, as the risk of collateral damage-related downtime was too great. Thanks to XM Cyber's automated testing, this problem was solved, and protection was extended across the entire infrastructure.

Jens Meier CEO, Hamburg Port Authority

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