Top Weekly Cyber News: May 13-18, 2019

Hi folks! You may find below the latest news about global incidents, threats and attacks handpicked by our super XM Cyber team of experts.
Threat Post – Ransomware ‘Remediation’ Firm Exposed: Researchers Weigh in on Paying
May 17
A company that claimed to use technology tools to help victims with ransomware cleanup was found to secretly be paying the ransom, while collecting a premium from their clients. The situation brings the core dilemma of business-focused ransomware directly into the spotlight: To pay, or not to pay? [More]

SC Magazine – New Jersey amends data breach law, expanding definition of personal info
May 17
The new law expands the definition of what constitutes personal information that, if exposed in a breach, would require a company to issue a notification. [More]

Cyber Security Hub – Incident Of The Week: Uniqlo Suffers Credential Stuffing Cyber Attack
May 17
Hackers have access to over 460,000 accounts from the data breach. [More]

The Hacker News – Hackers Breach Stack Overflow Q&A Site, Some Users’ Data Exposed
May 17
Stack Overflow, one of the largest question and answer site for programmers, revealed today that unknown hackers managed to exploit a bug in its development tier and then almost a week after they gained unauthorized access to its production version. [More]

Data Breach Today – GDPR: Europe Counts 65,000 Data Breach Notifications So Far
May 16
European privacy authorities have received nearly 65,000 data breach notifications since the EU’s new privacy law went into full effect. [More]

Bleeping Computer – Fxmsp Chat Logs Reveal the Hacked Antivirus Vendors, AVs Respond
May 13
A report last week about Fxmsp hacker group claiming access to the networks and source code of three antivirus companies with offices in the U.S. generated statements from alleged victims that are disputed by the firm that sounded the alarm. [More]


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