Continuous Exposure Management in the Cloud

Focus on High Impact Risks Across Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Environments

Escalating Privileges in the Cloud in 3 Simple Steps

Cloud Exposures Overwhelm Teams

Your Cloud environment is complex and dynamic, and a prime target for attackers. Cloud security teams have to identify all potential exposures of cloud entities, and analyze their exploitability and impact, to identify those that are most critical, and ensure they are fixed. Just like on-prem, simply finding problems is insufficient. That’s why Continuous Exposure Management is essential.

Limited Visibility


of exploitable, high-impact attack paths
In Remediation

Inefficient Remediation

cannot keep up with new exposures
Cloud choke point


to on-prem and cloud increases risk

Focus on Fixing What Matters Most in Multi-Cloud Environments

Highlight Top Choke Points in Multi-Cloud and Kubernetes

– Instantly identify potential breach points and targeted cloud resources
– Map all attack paths to focus on entities that can be compromised by multiple cloud breach points
– Identify exposed Kubernetes containers that can be easily compromised
Cloud choke point

Uncover Exploitable Highly Privileged Access

– Identify top privileged roles and accounts that if compromised could lead to “Game-Over
– Highlight privileged access that can easily be compromised by attackers
– Provide actionable remediation to secure high privileged access

Gain Remediation Efficiency

– Focus on the high impact cloud exposures and communicate justification
– Accelerate remediation by providing guidance and alternatives
– Save time on analysis and remediation of exposures that are by design
cloud 3

End-to-end Exposure Management Across the Hybrid Enterprise

Gain a holistic visibility and analysis of attack paths that span across on-prem and multi-cloud environments to fix the most critical exposures and stop attacks before they happen.
Cloud choke point

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