Breach and Attack Simulation Security Platform Use Cases

Most organizations work diligently to constantly manage and evaluate their cybersecurity risk. Typically, vulnerability management processes are implemented, security controls installed, and [...]

Join XM Cyber at JSCONF.BE 2020 Online JavaScript Conference

Don’t miss JSCONF.BE 2020, an online JavaScript conference with a strong focus on DevSecOps & Security. The event will be held on June 23 between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm CET (check your own time [...]

Webinar: How Short is the Path to Your Most Critical Assets?

Join XM Cyber and SecurityScorecard teaming up to demonstrate for you how malicious actors gain access to your network and the ease at which they can exploit external-facing vulnerabilities, gain [...]

Webinar: Intelligence in the Cyberspace

Join XM Cyber for the virtual event Intelligence in the Cyberspace, where our VP Sales for EMEA/APAC, Gil Hazaz, will give a talk on the protection of critical infrastructures from threats that [...]

Webinar: Introducing Automated Purple Teaming

Join XM Cyber for the virtual event Introducing Automated Purple Teaming, where we will be exploring a new approach to security that is helping large organizations gain the upper hand against [...]

Webinars: XM Cyber Lectures on Remote Work in Europe and Asia

Despite the benefits of remote work, a pressing concern remains: How do we protect our organizations’ critical assets and our teams from savvy cybercriminals, many of whom view workers operating [...]

Webinar: ‘Proteja suas Informações em Tempos de Trabalho Remoto’

Blinde seus ativos mais críticos na nuvem. Frustre ataques antes mesmo que aconteçam! A XM Cyber, empresa israelense fundada pelo ex-chefe do Mossad e outros veteranos da elite da Inteligência de [...]

XM Cyber Launches Book on Red & Blue Teaming

The XM Cyber team is proud to announce that our very first book has just been released. Titled Red & Blue Team Quick Reads, it is a collection of some of the best recent blogs and published [...]

Webinar: ‘B2B Marketing & Sales in the Midst of Coronavirus’

As marketing and sales professionals, we have to do our part to ensure that we stand up to the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic on our businesses. Preserving sales pipelines and ensuring [...]