Cloud Security Masterclass Part 3: Best Practices to Improve Your Cloud Security Posture

Chances are, you are using the cloud or right on your way. It is critical to have a continuous understanding of how you can…

Cloud Security Masterclass Part 2: Reaching for the Cloud: Inside the Mind of an Attacker

With 90% of enterprises leveraging multi-clouds by 2022, it is an absolute field day for hackers around the world. The inherent security gaps created…

Cloud Security Masterclass Part 1: Lifting the Fog: Understanding how to Secure the Hybrid Cloud

With heavy pressures to accelerate digital transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adopting and securing cloud environments is more urgent than ever. A question…

Ransomware from the attacker’s perspective

Ransomware is the number 1 cyber-crime threat today and during this webinar, our guest speakers shared their perspectives and experiences in terms of how…

Offensive Insight for Cloud Security
Menachem Shafran |

Exploration of the recent vulnerabilities, threats and possible exploits in cloud environment and the modern hacker’s perspective. Review the gaps in the traditional security…

Automated BAS – The Cost and Risk Reduction Revolution Is Here
Menachem Shafran |

Hear from Jarad Carleton, Global Program Leader of Cybersecurity at Frost & Sullivan as he does a 25 minute deep dive into BAS.

Ask me Anything about Ransomware

We gathered a forum of experts to answer your burning questions on the topic of ransomware

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