Join XM Cyber’s Backend Talks with Tamar Twena & Alon Belan

All Backend developers and other members of the Dev community are invited for XM Cyber’s next live webinar Backend Talks With XM Cyber.
Date: Tuesday, August 18, 3 pm (Israel time)

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After you attend this session with our specialists, you will:

  • Add a cool new ability to your Node.js coding skills
  • Learn a good grasp about orchestration layer

Here’s a bit more about the speakers:

TAMAR TWENA (Backend Team Leader)

Title: Writing a CPU-Intensive Node.js Server with Worker Threads API
Description: Node.js provides the developer a single-threaded event loop architecture, that provides a non-blocking I/O mechanism. This works great until we get to CPU-intensive tasks. In this case, Node doesn’t perform up to mark. This has changed with the release of the worker threads in latest Node versions. We can use worker threads and write CPU intensive code in Node. This can make Node popular in many other fields of software development, starting from algorithms, AI, complicated computations, and more. In this talk, I will go over the concept, API, and architecture of worker threads. I will show a demo of a Node server that implements CPU intensive tasks, to assist you to add a cool new ability to your Node.js coding skills.

ALON BELAN (Backend Engineer)

Title: Building the Ultimate Orchestration Layer
Description: Kubernetes? Docker Swarm? Or maybe Mesos? You want to build your killer app, with auto-deployment, scaling, and management, but don’t know what to choose as your orchestrator?
The Orchestration Layer is an important part of your application, especially if you’re planning to grow and to scale. It allows apps to be resource-friendly and match the capacity of your user base. Choosing the perfect Orchestration Layer for you will boost your application with scaling, will bring many more users and will make life easier for your development and operations teams. In this session, I will teach you the purpose of the orchestration layer, how to build it, integrate it, and of course learn what technology suits your project best!

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