Why IT Security Fails
January 22, 2020

Here’s the unvarnished truth about IT security: Even if you stack product on top of product and schedule regular user training, even the most…

Join XM Cyber at Cybertech Tel Aviv 2020
January 14, 2020

XM Cyber is ready to welcome some 18,000 cyber executives, government officials, investors, academics, and professionals at Cybertech Tel Aviv 2020, the largest annual…

Why Breach and Attack Simulations Are the Keys to a Secure Cloud
December 16, 2019

Many of today’s businesses are compelled to migrate to the cloud on an accelerated timeline. Unfortunately, this business mandate often forces teams to push…

Webinar – Knowing Your Enemy: Attack Simulation in 2020
November 19, 2019

Although businesses have invested heavily in security, breaches have not been eliminated. What does it take to ensure we stay aware of our security…

XM Cyber Academy Debuts in Singapore
November 17, 2019

Some 30 cyber-security specialists including customers and partners – current and potential – attended XM Cyber Academy’s very first session in Singapore, held on…

XM Cyber to Attend T.E.N.’s ISE Summit & Awards
November 04, 2019

XM Cyber is ready to meet leading IT executives at ISE North America Leadership Summit and Awards 2019 in Chicago, on November 13-14. The…

Join XM Cyber at SINET Showcase, in Washington, DC
November 03, 2019

XM Cyber is ready to welcome senior-level cybersecurity professionals at the SINET Showcase in Washington, DC, on November 6-7. Titled Highlighting and Advancing Innovation,…

Join XM Cyber at CISO Event, in London
October 27, 2019

XM Cyber is ready to welcome senior level information security directors at the CISO Event in London, on November 6. The full-day event will…

How to Make Automated Penetration Testing More Reliable
October 23, 2019

The modern security landscape is fast evolving — and has never been more fraught with challenges. With data breaches growing in size and severity every…

Join XM Cyber at MITRE ATT&CKcon 2.0 Event
October 22, 2019

XM Cyber is ready to welcome leading threat hunters, companies, and technical influencers in cybersecurity at the MITRE ATT&CKcon 2.0 conference in McLean, Virginia,…

Join XM Cyber at AISA’s Australian Cyber Conference 2019
September 26, 2019

XM Cyber joins local and global thought leaders and industry experts at the Australian Cyber Conference 2019 in Melbourne, on October 7-9. Titled Change…

Join XM Cyber at GovWare in Singapore International Cyber Week
September 25, 2019

XM Cyber is ready to welcome policymakers, thought leaders and cybersecurity experts from across the world at GovernmentWare (GovWare) in Singapore, on October 1-3….

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