Top Weekly Cyber News: April 29-May 4, 2019

Hi folks! You may find below the latest news about global incidents, threats and attacks handpicked by our super XM Cyber team of experts.
BleepingComputer – Japan will develop its first-ever malware as a defense measure against cyber attacks
May 4
The news was reported by the Kyodo News. Japan will develop its first-ever computer virus as defense against cyber attacks. [More]

ZDNet – A hacker is wiping Git repositories and asking for a ransom
May 3
Hacker threatens to release the code if victims don’t pay in 10 days. [More]

Wired – A Mysterious Hacker Group Is On a Supply Chain Hijacking Spree
May 3
A single group of hackers appears responsible for supply chain hacks of CCleaner, Asus, and more, planting backdoors on millions of machines. [More]

DarkReading – Massive Dark Web ‘Wall Street Market’ Shuttered
May 3
Europol-led international law enforcement operation led to takedown of world’s second-largest digital underground marketplace. [More]

The Hacker News – Pre-Installed Software Flaw Exposes Most Dell Computers to Remote Hacking
May 2
If you use a Dell computer, then beware — hackers could compromise your system remotely. Bill Demirkapi, a 17-year-old independent security researcher, has discovered a critical remote code execution vulnerability in the Dell SupportAssist utility that comes pre-installed on most Dell computers. [More]

TechCrunch – Hackers went undetected in Citrix’s internal network for six months
April 30
Hackers gained access to technology giant Citrix’s networks six months before they were discovered, the company has confirmed. [More]

CNET – Cloud database removed after exposing details on 80 million US households
April 29
In a blow to consumers’ privacy, the addresses and demographic details of more than 80 million US households were exposed on an unsecured database stored on the cloud, independent security researchers have found. [More]

Engadget – Chrome exploit uses a fake address bar for phishing attacks
April 29
You might not realize you’re on a bogus site despite your best efforts. [More]


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