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We are excited to launch our blog and begin an ongoing conversation with you. Although we are officially launching these days, our journey began almost two years ago with the development of the HaXM system and its deployment at customer sites worldwide.


So why did we start this journey in the first place? Many of us originate from cyber security backgrounds after serving in Israeli defense and intelligence organizations. Journeying from an offense-defense environment, it never seized to baffle us why, despite the allocation of hefty budgets to cybersecurity, the infiltration threshold to networks remains unbearably low.

At the end of the day, no matter how well an organization will buttress its line of defense, a deluge of blind spots, back doors and security gaps continue to offer green fields for heinous attacks. At the same time, the tedious, stressful and yet vital task of weeding out alerts from firewalls and other endpoint tools is the equivalent of searching for a needle in a haystack.


Ironically, one of the most vulnerable areas in organizational IT – its shadow IT, is still subject to a maelstrom of manual handlings, which inevitably opens up a floodgate of human errors. In a landscape thwart with Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), originating from sophisticated sources, an automated offense – defense system, with validation and prioritized remediation, seemed to be the next logical step.

Our story comes to life through a team of experts committed to delivering the ultimate automation system, that works invisibly in a constant loop, in a bid to always stay ahead of the hacker, while ensuring zero impact on network availability and user experience.


The point of interface between our cyber world and defense-offense approach made further sense when adding a ‘layer of color’ to our story.

Red and Blue teams add capabilities that contribute and improve each other’s performances. Derived from military jargon, red and blue teams were traditionally used to identify organized groups acting as fictitious attack and defense rivals in a scenario environment. In cyber security red teams embody sophisticated penetration testing, taking on a true hacker point-of-view, while blue teams are tasked with assessing the findings and acting on prioritized remediation rather than false positives. The ability to combine and synergize automatically in real time between the teams creates what we dubbed, Automated Purple Teaming.

In sum, we look forward to partnering with you to help shape the the future of cyber security and along the way, we invite you to percolate ideas with us and learn firsthand about our up-and-coming news.

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