XM Cyber coming to RSA 2018

With over 40,000 attendees anticipated to come this year, RSA promises to be once again, a Mecca for the global cyber security community.
Here at XM Cyber we are particularly excited about this year’s event, as we will be officially attending RSA as a company for the first time.

Our much-anticipated participation coincides with the company launch and transition from stealth mode. Although we just recently began our launch campaign, XM Cyber has already secured global partners and customers at the forefront of finance, manufacturing and critical infrastructure industries in the US, Europe and Israel.

Finally, we’re looking forward to presenting XM Cyber at RSA to our peers, to security professionals and to industry analysts, and showcasing the HaXM platform.

HaXM is the first automated APT Simulation Platform to expose, assess and amend every attack path to an organization’s critical assets in real time, 24×7. It uses automated purple teaming processes that combine red and blue team activities, and leverages real user behavior to provide the full APT experience on one hand, while delivering prioritized remediation on the other.

The field-proven platform is simply and rapidly deployed in three simple steps, beginning with the selection of targeted assets, activation of ongoing attack scenarios and generation of prioritized actionable remediation, all in a continuous loop.

The RSA buzz for us begins with the AGC Partners Security Conference, April 16 – 17, San Francisco, where our very own Adi Ashkenazy, XM Cyber’s VP Product, will be giving a presentation.

Being a SC Award Finalist, in the ‘Rookie Security Company of the Year’  category we are also very excited about attending the Gala Dinner on April 17 where the winners will be announced.

Members of our team will be representing XM Cyber at booth 635 South Hall in the Israel Export Institute Pavilion.  We look forward to joining a host of companies in the Israeli cyber community, representing, what is globally known as the cyber nation, and showing our APT simulation platform in action.

Attending RSA?

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