XM Cyber Presents: A Cloud Security Masterclass

XM Cyber Presents: A Cloud Security Masterclass


The world is moving at an incredible pace to keep up with the speed of business. 90% of enterprises will be leveraging multi-clouds by 2022. With heavy pressures on accelerating digital transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the adoption and securing of cloud environments is more urgent than ever. As we all embrace accelerated digital transformation, of course we welcome all the benefits it brings, but inherently it introduces a myriad of new issues and security gaps between on-premise to hybrid and multi-cloud networks.

The inherent security gaps created as we move our precious workloads and apps between on-premise to hybrid and multi-cloud networks contribute to more vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and credential issues across our environments.

While cloud-based vulnerability assessment tools are necessary to strengthen the core of your security in the cloud, without understanding the true risk of a vulnerability as it relates to an exploitable attack path, the risk it holds to your organization’s critical assets or how the attacker can compromise your network and move laterally, you’re left in the dark without any adversarial context to gain the upper hand. In an ever-changing elastic environment, it is crucial to prioritize high impact risks and know what to fix first.

Now consider all the components it takes to build a successful cloud infrastructure: virtual machines, databases, connections to multiple services, as well as security roles and policies. There are so many opportunities to make mistakes or misconfigure accounts and permissions that it ends up being not if you will be breached, but when you will be breached. The result might expose your critical data to a wide audience outside your network. XM Cyber provides proactive cloud security to understand your use of the cloud from the attacker’s perspective by providing an adversarial context layer to your network.

It is critical to have a continuous understanding of how you can be attacked, which only leaves room for one question: do you know where your cyber exposures are and how attackers can leverage them to get to your critical assets in the cloud?

XM Cyber understands this need to proactively secure the cloud and has developed a Cloud Security Masterclass for the community.


Join us for a 3-part Cloud Security Masterclass presented by XM Cyber to give your organization the keys to unlock proactive cloud security.

Wednesday, Nov. 10th, 9:00am EST

Part 1: Lifting the Fog: Understanding how to Secure the Hybrid Cloud

Tuesday, Nov. 16th, 10:00am EST

Part 2: Reaching for the Cloud: Inside the Mind of an Attacker

Wednesday, Dec. 1st, 10:00am EST

Part 3: Best Practices to Improve your Cloud Security Posture


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Find and fix the exposures that put your critical assets at risk with ultra-efficient remediation.

See what attackers see, so you can stop them from doing what attackers do.