XM Cyber Reveals First-Ever Integrated Vulnerability and Attack Path Management Solutions  

“Am I doing enough to keep my organization safe from a data breach?” is the question that keeps most CISOs awake at night. While there is no one-size-fits-all prescription for an optimally strong security posture, there is another question that can throw the current state of your cybersecurity into stark relief.
“Can I identify and protect my most critical assets?”

If “yes” is the answer to the second question, then you are well on your way to answering the first question in the affirmative — and sleeping more peacefully at night.

So how do you ensure that your critical assets remain protected? Let’s take a closer look.

The Importance of the Attacker Perspective

The cybersecurity industry is in dire need of a fresh approach. Spending on information security increases every year, with global expenditures reaching $40 billion in 2019, according to Statista. Yet breaches are rising despite heavy investments in security. Given that the average breach now costs an organization nearly $4 million, the stakes are high.

So why are so many of those resources spent in vain?

  • Complex and dynamic hybrid infrastructure has raised the difficulty level for defenders.
  • Too many of today’s security tools are working in silos. 
  • Organizations are stuck with fragmented and ineffective security processes. 
  • Business leaders can’t understand true security posture.

To address these issues, we need to re-invent our approach to vulnerability and risk management. Standard vulnerability management (VM) products help identify security gaps that expose specific assets. Yet this is only part of the solution. Without understanding how these vulnerabilities can be exploited along an attack path to a critical asset, you have an incomplete picture, and you cannot properly measure risk.

XM Cyber technology is designed to connect these dots, allowing security teams to gauge the risk attached to critical assets. Vulnerabilities, in and of themselves, may not be particularly important or critical. However, they may be one link in an attack chain that compromises an asset that is business-critical. XM Cyber technology then provides exposure prioritization based on the number of critical assets that can be compromised via the exploitation of these exposures, which could be vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, undermanaged credentials, or other IT hygiene issues that are being exploited by attackers. 

This attack-path management approach using the attacker perspective to find and remediate critical attack paths across on-premise and multi-cloud networks to vulnerabilities and risk is a novel one. No other security product in the market offers these same, powerful features. Most lack the attacker context and do not illuminate how assets are likely to be compromised and the specific steps needed to prevent it.

Ultimately, this perspective provides a single view across the cyber battlefield, adding the attacker view to endpoint and security operations. This is vitally important, given the complexity associated with today’s hybrid cloud environments. The XM Cyber platform spans across multiple segments, enhancing existing security tools and measures and providing powerful deterrence. 

Why Choose XM Cyber?

Large organizations trust XM Cyber to secure their hybrid networks because our technology provides the most effective solution for the protection of crown jewel assets. Our technology features:

  • Continuous and safe attack simulation across hybrid networks (cloud and on-prem).
  • Prioritized actions that drive cost-effective and fast remediation of business risk.
  • Quantifiable risk reporting for the board.
  • Integration with operational and technology ecosystems.
  • Fast deployment and adoption through our SaaS platform.

If your organization is not protected by a solution offering these attributes, you may be at greater risk of a serious breach. XM Cyber’s first-ever integrated vulnerability and attack-management platform is the only product on the market that provides the appropriate tools for optimal business-critical asset protection. 

There’s one more benefit to XM Cyber technology: You can sleep more soundly when you’re protected by the world’s most advanced attack-centric exposure prioritization platform.

Uri Levy, SVP Worldwide Sales and Field Operations, XM Cyber


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