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Companies of the Schwarz Group Partner Up with FC Bayern Munich

  • PreZero helps save resources by promoting circular economy at club venues Lidl’s own brand Saskia mineral water for players, hospitality fans, and Employees
  • STACKIT and XM Cyber support the digital transformation of FC Bayern Munich with their cloud and cybersecurity solutions.


Neckarsulm, 4 July 2023 – FC Bayern Munich and companies of the Schwarz Group join forces in taking responsibility for using resources more sparingly in the sport and for the digital safety of the club and its fans. The long-term partnership is also intended to raise awareness among FC Bayern fans for recycling and circular economy.

“We aim to take advantage of our mutual strengths and set an example for using resources more responsibly, both in the sport and in the company,” explains Thomas Kyriakis, CEO of PreZero. “We are proud to be working more closely with FC Bayern Munich in the future. Together with the club, as well as its fans and partners, we would like to generate more interest in the circular economy and show tangible solutions.”

Premium Waste Management

PreZero, one of the leading environmental service providers in Europe, has already taken care of waste disposal in the Allianz Arena for three years now and will further optimize waste management at FC Bayern Munich venues in the future. The goal is to collaborate closely with the club to close material cycles little by little, thus improving recycling rates. PreZero has already demonstrated innovative ways to save resources with its “ Herzrasen ”project, which reuses grass clippings from the Allianz Arena to make paper bags for the official fan shop.

“We are delighted to have companies of the Schwarz Group – PreZero, STACKIT, and XM Cyber – as partners of FC Bayern. We are also pleased about our new beverage partnership with Saskia mineral water. The partnership is set for the long term, and it is a forward-looking arrangement for the future with regard to circular economy and digitalization,” explains Andreas Jung, Executive Board Member responsible for marketing at FC Bayern Munich.

Masterful Mineral Water

In the future, Lidl’s own brand mineral water, Saskia, which is manufactured by Schwarz Produktion, will quench the thirst both of players and fans in the hospitality areas of the Allianz Arena and of FC Bayern Munich employees. Lidl will be supplying the mineral water from now on for the Allianz Arena and all club venues. The partners would also like to prioritize recycling and closed loops with their beverage partnership: The bodies of the Saskia bottles are made of 100 percent recycled PET. The companies of Schwarz Produktion are helping to save resources by recycling the old circular bottles to manufacture new bottles.

As part of the partnership with FC Bayern Munich, topics related to recycling and circular economy will be communicated more to the fans. Both stadium campaigns and online campaigns are planned to spread awareness for conserving resources. Perimeter advertisements with Lidl’s own brand Saskia mineral water will attract further attention.

Direct Hit for Digitalization

As companies of the Schwarz Group, STACKIT and XM Cyber are helping FC Bayern Munich move forward in the digital age with their cloud solutions and cybersecurity services. For example, STACKIT and XM Cyber enable the club to manage the data of the digital club platform securely and in compliance with data protection requirements. Furthermore, XM Cyber will help ensure the protection of FC Bayern Munich’s entire IT landscape—for cloud, on-premise, and hybrid systems.

“With their customized and scalable solutions, STACKIT and XM Cyber provide FC Bayern Munich with the optimal basis for the digital transformation,” clarifies Rolf Schumann, CEO of Schwarz Digital. “We look forward to accompanying the German record holder on this journey.”


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