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XM Cyber Wins 2019 Black Unicorn Award – Breach and Attack Simulation Leader Named One of the World’s Ten Most Promising Cybersecurity Companies

HERZLIYA, IsraelAug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — XM Cyber, the multi-award-winning breach and attack simulation (BAS) leader, today announced that it has been named a winner in the 2019 Black Unicorn Awards.  Granted by Cyber Defense Magazine, the award showcases ten companies deemed to show incredible potential in the cybersecurity marketplace.
“The Black Unicorn award for XM Cyber acknowledges the high demand for organizations to apply breach and attack simulations (BAS) as part of their overall cybersecurity programs,” says XM Cyber CEO Noam Erez. “Our customers are ensuring the security of their critical assets by simulating, validating and quickly remediating real-life attack paths that could be used by hackers.”

The Black Unicorn Awards honors cybersecurity companies that have the potential to reach a $1 billion dollar market value as determined by private or public investment. XM Cyber competed over a five-month period against many of the industry’s leading providers of cybersecurity products and services for the award.

“Top-notch hackers can mimic legitimate user actions and go under the radar of many existing security controls,” Erez explains. “They are able to move laterally within an organization and reach what matters most to you – your critical assets. Addressing real user behavior, poor IT hygiene and vulnerabilities, XM Cyber’s HaXM platform continuously leverages advanced offensive methods to expose the most critical blind spots.”

“We judges felt that XM Cyber deserved to be named a Black Unicorn Award winner for 2019 because they have the team, technology, drive and hypergrowth curve to potentially become a cybersecurity unicorn,” said Judges Robert Herjavec of www.herjavecgroup.comDavid DeWalt of and Gary Miliefsky of

XM’s solution, HaXM, continuously leverages a multitude of offensive methods to rapidly expose the most critical blind spots and uncover hidden attack vectors in the network. This 24/7 loop of automated red teaming is augmented with ongoing and prioritized actionable remediation of security gaps. In effect, HaXM operates as an automated purple team that fluidly combines red and blue teams’ processes to ensure that organizations are always one step ahead of the hacker.

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About XM® Cyber
XM Cyber provides the first fully automated breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform to continuously expose attack vectors, from breach point to any organizational critical asset. This continuous loop of automated red teaming is completed by ongoing and prioritized actionable remediation of security gaps. In effect, HaXM® by XM Cyber operates as an automated purple team that fluidly combines red team and blue team processes to ensure that organizations are always one step ahead of the attack. XM Cyber has already received over 16 industry awards, including being recognized as a “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum. XM Cyber’s customers include leading financial institutions, critical infrastructure organizations and manufacturers across North AmericaEurope, and Israel.

XM Cyber was founded by the highest caliber of security executives from the elite Israeli intelligence sector. Together they bring a proven track record in both the offensive and defensive cybersecurity domain. The company is headquartered in Israel and has offices in the US, UK and Australia.

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About Cyber Defense Awards
This is Cyber Defense Magazine’s 7th year of honoring cybersecurity innovators, in this case the Black Unicorn Awards for 2019 on our Cyber Defense Awards platform. In this competition, judges for these prestigious awards includes cybersecurity industry veterans, trailblazers and market makers Gary Miliefsky of CDMG, Robert Herjavec of Herjavec Group and David DeWalt of NightDragon. To see the complete list of finalists for the Black Unicorn Awards for 2019, please visit and winners at

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