XM Cyber Announces Acquisition of Confluera, Adding Run-Time Protection on Cloud workloads to Extend CNAPP Capabilities

HERZLIYA, Israel and Palo Alto, California, March 22, 2023 – XM Cyber, the leader in hybrid cloud security, announced today the acquisition of Confluera,…

XM Cyber Signs Distribution Agreement With Ignition Technology

February 17th, 2023, Paris, France, Ignition Technology, the specialist distribution division of Exclusive Networks, that focuses on disruptive and fast-growth SaaS based cybersecurity vendors,…

Log4j Vulnerabilities Are Here to Stay — Are You Prepared?

Don’t make perfect the enemy of good in vulnerability management. Context is key — prioritize vulnerabilities that are actually exploitable. Act quickly if the…

Biggest cybercrime trends heading into 2023

Paul Giorgi of XM Cyber helps us wrap up 2022 by discussing some of the most unusual and complex attack paths he and XM…

„Sicherheit ist kein technisches, sondern ein semantisches Thema“

Die Schwarz Gruppe steht für das einträgliche Geschäft mit Konserven, Obst oder Gemüse. Der Lebensmitteleinzelhändler will nun auch seine Cybersicherheitslösung für andere Unternehmen zugänglich…

XM Cyber’s Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

The discussion of cyber security has grown beyond the IT department and now includes the entire C-suite as well as the Board. As the…

Warum der Lidl-Mutterkonzern Software gegen Hacker verkauft

Die Schwarz-Gruppe hat einen IT-Sicherheitsspezialisten gekauft und vermarktet dessen Cyberabwehr nun weiter. Vorstand Schumann will damit das Digitalgeschäft ausbauen.

Extracting Encrypted Credentials From Common Tools

Attackers are harvesting credentials from compromised systems. Here’s how some commonly used tools can enable this.

Mit den Augen des Diebes

Digitale Attacken auf Firmen nehmen rasant zu. Die Angreifer legen die IT der Opfer lahm und erpressen so viel Geld. Wie eine Spezialeinheit des…

The Cyberwire Daily Podcast’s- Paul Giorgi

The Cyberwire Daily Podcast’s recent interview with Paul Giorgi re: “the craziest attack paths”

Cyberattack Patterns Becoming More Sophisticated – Tobias Träbing, XM Cyber

Tobias Träbing, technical director for EMEA for XM Cyber, dives into how cyberattack patterns against applications are becoming more sophisticated.

Attack surfaces are mushrooming Are you prepared?
Paul Giorgi |

Today’s businesses are constantly investing in technology to ensure efficient and agile operations. This is a positive development, but the practice has also significantly…

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