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XM Cyber Announces Strategic Partnership with SAP to Deliver Robust Security for Hybrid Environments

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Partnership will provide SAP customers with comprehensive exposure management capabilities and in-depth visibility of attack surfaces

HERZLIYA, Israel , May 16, 2023XM Cyber, the leader in hybrid cloud security, today announced its partnership with SAP. Leveraging the capabilities of XM Cyber’s Exposure Management Platform and its attack-path technology, this partnership will help organizations utilizing SAP solutions, such as RISE with SAP and SAP eCommerce Cloud, to transition their data and processes to the cloud with less risk and without compromise. SAP customers can now use the company’s exposure management technology to gain visibility into their entire attack surface, both on-premises and in the cloud, to identify and remediate network exposures before an attack can occur. 

According to XM Cyber’s recent research, 71 percent of organizations have exposures in their on-prem networks as a result of mismanaged credentials, infrastructure and active directory misconfigurations, unpatched vulnerabilities, and user behavior, that put their critical assets in the cloud at risk, highlighting the need for stronger hybrid security controls. In addition to offering the XM Cyber platform to customers, SAP will also begin utilizing XM Cyber to secure its own hybrid cloud and IT infrastructure. The platform will provide SAP with continuous attack identification, remediation, monitoring, and validation capabilities. 

“Many organizations continue to struggle with the security complexities associated with managing diverse on-premises and cloud environments,” said Tim McKnight, EVP and Chief Security Officer at SAP. “An important part of our ecosystem is ensuring that our customers can securely scale and adapt their infrastructure as required. With its attack-path modeling technology, XM Cyber helps our customers reduce risks within hybrid environments, enhancing resilience against attacks and increasing overall security posture.” 

XM Cyber’s platform is now available for purchase in the SAP® Store, the online marketplace for solutions from SAP and its trusted partners.  SAP Partners may also benefit from XM Cyber’s continuous control monitoring capabilities which ensure existing security controls are well configured and help enterprises automate compliance against standards such as ISO, NIST, SWIFT and GDPR.

“Through this strategic partnership, we are harnessing the combined expertise of SAP with our proven technology to help streamline the reduction of risk and the remediation of exposures within organizations,” said Noam Erez, CEO and co-founder of XM Cyber. “Our goal is to provide security teams with the data and intelligence needed to quickly remediate the risks which matter most by offering an attacker’s perspective with holistic attack path modeling.”

During SAP Sapphire, taking place between May 16-17, XM Cyber will showcase their exposure management technology and demonstrate how organizations can protect themselves from cyber attacks targeting critical applications. To learn more, please visit: 


About XM Cyber 

XM Cyber is a leading hybrid cloud security company that’s changing the way organizations approach cyber risk. XM Cyber transforms exposure management by demonstrating how attackers leverage and combine misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, identity exposures, and more, across AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-prem environments to compromise critical assets. With XM Cyber, you can see all the ways attackers might advance, and all the best ways to stop them, pinpointing where to remediate exposures with a fraction of the effort. Founded by top executives from the Israeli cyber intelligence community, XM Cyber has offices in North America, Europe, and Israel.



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