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Trend alert: Critical infrastructure attacks on the rise

Healthcare sectors, critical manufacturing, food production and transportation are also targets 

Although cyber security is treated more seriously, simply upgrading equipment is no longer enough.  So what are some of the steps worth considering? Exposing attack vectors through testing, reviewing the security posture, watching for network probing and surveillance that could presage a cyberattack … More

BMW vehicles discovered to be vulnerable to hacks

Researchers identify 14 vulnerabilities not fixed yet. 

Now that almost any car has a chip installed, its a hacker’s free for all market. And the more connected the car, the greater the chance of being exploited. Tencents cybersecurity research firm, responsible for identifying the security loopholes, said the vulerabilities  impact the central gateway module, infotainment system and TCU . Some flaws can be exploited to launch arbitrary code and gain full control of the affected component. More

New Backup Cryptomix Ransomware Variant Actively Infecting Users

MalwareHunterTeam just discovered a new variant of the Cryptomix Ransomware that appends the .BACKUP extension to encrypted files, changes the contact email, and the ransom note’s name. Guidelines how to protect yourself from the ransomware include basic IT hygiene such as; backups, avoiding opening attachments if you don’t know who sent them, checking all windows updates, never re-using the same password on multiple sites.    More

Hacker with Russian intel ties pleads guilty to gmail hacks

23 year old Canadian Karim Paratov who operated a hacking service between 2010 and 2017, pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy and identity theft in November. He was He will be serving a five year prison sentence for hacking gmail accounts. More 

GDPR twisted in foul play?

Could path to GDPR be fraught with GDPR violations?

Maybe, if you look at the exposed email addresses via the privacy browser Ghostery after it sent out GDPR notifications late last week. Apparently it accidentally revealed the email addresses of each batch sent out while boasting its privacy standards on GDPR day, last Friday. Naturally the company received many public social media lashings. More

Data breach may have affected 90,000 Canadian bank customers

Hackers may have stolen nearly 90,000 customers’ data from two of Canada’s largest banks in what appears to be the first significant cyberattack on a Canadian financial institution. Scammers threatened to make the data public. CIBC, the nation’s fifth-largest lender, said it has not yet confirmed the cyber breach but is taking the claim seriously of stealing the information of 40,000 customers from the bank’s Simplii direct banking brand. More


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