Join XM Cyber at BSides Las Vegas 2019

Some 3,200 participants are expected to attend over 100 talks at BSidesLV 2019 in Las Vegas, NV on August 6-7.
At XM Cyber, we are excited to see you at the annual, two-day conference for security practitioners and those interested in (or looking to) entering the field, where we’ll be glad to showcase the HaXM breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform.

We’re also excited to sponsor the Tuesday Happy Hour, so don’t miss it.

The technical and academic presentations at BSidesLV are given in the spirit of peer review and for the dissemination of knowledge among all specialties. This allows the field of Information Security to grow and continue its pursuit of a world where privacy and security are attainable.

“BSides Las Vegas isn’t another “talk at you” conference. Everyone at BSides is a Participant. Track after track, year after year, the security researchers, engineers, analysts and managers that present at BSidesLV are looking to engage our participants and be engaged by them. They want your feedback, insights, opinions and questions on the latest InfoSec topics and discussions of the Next Big Thing,” the organizers say.

About XM Cyber

XM Cyber provides the first fully automated breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform to continuously expose attack vectors, above and below the surface, from breach point to any organizational critical asset. This continuous loop of automated red teaming is completed by ongoing and prioritized actionable remediation of organizations’ security gaps. In effect, HaXM by XM Cyber operates as an automated purple team that fluidly combines red team and blue team processes to ensure that organizations are always one step ahead of the cyber-attackers.

About HaXM

HaXM by XM Cyber is the first BAS platform to simulate, validate and remediate attackers’ paths to your critical assets 24×7. HaXM’s automated purple teaming aligns red and blue teams to provide the full realistic advanced persistent threat (APT) experience on one hand while delivering vital prioritized remediation on the other. Addressing real user behavior, poor IT hygiene and exploits, the full spectrum of scenarios is aligned to your organization’s own network to expose blind spots and is executed using the most up-to-date attack techniques safely, without affecting network availability and user experience.

Come meet our XM Cyber team and find out first-hand about our latest developments.

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Find and fix the exposures that put your critical assets at risk with ultra-efficient remediation.

See what attackers see, so you can stop them from doing what attackers do.