Top 10 Favorite Cybersecurity Podcasts

Posted by: Shahar Solomon
May 02, 2023
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As a cybersecurity professional, it’s important for me to stay current and on top of trending events. But to be honest, the cyber world changes so rapidly that it can be really hard to stay on track. That’s why I’m a major fan of podcasts. I can listen as I commute to work or customers off site or while I’m taking a well needed jog.

To be even more honest, I don’t get to tune into all of the podcasts I’ll mention below on a super regular basis – I catch up with each of them as needed and when I do, they are all the more enjoyable. 

10 best cybersecurity podcasts to check out

1. Darknet Diaries

Ask basically anyone what their favorite cybersecurity podcast is and chances are, they will answer Darknet Diaries. Hosted by seasoned security professional Jack Rhysider, this podcast goes deep into the most compelling stories in cyber, past and present. The podcast is immensely popular, with well over 200,000 regular listeners and I really understand why – I enjoy the technical expertise and attention to detail, while others probably just enjoy a well-told story with each episode. 

Where to find it:

2. Cyber Work

InfoSec Institute is a pillar of the cybersecurity ecosystem. Their weekly Podcast, Cyber Work, looks at the most important trends and changes within the industry and also explores the evolving skill set we practitioners need to master, in order to do our jobs well in this ever-changing digital world.

Where to find it:

3. Risky Biz

One of the OG security podcasts, Risky Biz has been monitoring the industry since its relatively early days. Covering breaking news and trends, host Patrick Grey, along with venerated security and tech writer Catalin Cimpanu still manage to entertain and inform at the same time.

Where to find it:

4. Smashing Security

From Cybersecurity legend Graham Cluely, with Co-host Carole Theriault, the two examine the week in cyber that was, with a heavy dose of snark and humor. Voted the Most Entertaining Podcast of 2022, this is a great way to cover current events without the serious tone that often accompanies the industry. 

Where to find it:

5. Down the Security Rabbit Hole

Since 2011, hosts Rafal Los and James Jardine have tried to simultaneously educate and entertain security-minded listeners. With what they refer to as “safe for work” episodes released weekly, they regularly host security and defense industry leaders and thinkers. 

Where to find it:

6. Security Now!

From Steve Gibson, “the man who coined the term spyware” and noted technology expert Leo Laporte, comes one of the longest running cybersecurity podcasts in production. True, their website looks a bit like a throwback Thursday special, but each episode is jam packed with super relevant information that can be put to use, well, now!

Where to find it:

7. CyberWire Daily

From Dave Bittner, this daily podcast covers all the most important happenings in the security industry. This is an ideal way for me to stay on top of the trends and news I need to know.

Where to find it:

8. Hacking Humans

Also from the Cyber Wire and Dave Bittner, this podcast focuses on social engineering and phishing scams – and how to steer clear of them. It’s a fascinating deep dive into the best and the worst elements of human nature.

Where to find it:

9. Cybrary Podcasts

Cybrary is an incredible resource for all things cybersecurity-education related. Their collection of podcasts covers everything from hiring the right talent, to dealing with threats like ransomware, to how to increase diversity within the field and so much more. (By the way, watch out for an upcoming post where someone from our team will cover the best cybersecurity education resources, including Cybrary, of course.)

Where to find it:

10. Trust Me, I’m Certified

Here is a great one for anyone looking to break into security or just get over your imposter syndrome. Trust me, I’m Certified, produced by GIAC Certifications and SANS Institute, is a great source of positive reinforcement and confidence. This podcast is specifically geared to help practitioners gain skills and shed self-doubt along the way. This one is great to recommend to your newbie friends who need reassurance – and guess what? Sometimes even seasoned professionals can use a healthy dose of reassurance as well.

Where to find it:

So that’s my list. There are others I occasionally check in with but these listed here are of particular value as they bring something a bit unique to the overcrowded security podcast scene. Are there any others I should be listening to? Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn and let me know!

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