Top Weekly Cyber News: June 23-July 1, 2019

Hi folks! You may find below the latest news about global incidents, threats and attacks handpicked by our super XM Cyber team of experts.
Threat Post – Facebook Removes Accounts Used to Infect Thousands With Malware
July 1
Facebook has shut down more than 30 accounts spreading malware through malicious links that purport to be news about the ongoing political situation in Libya. The campaign, ongoing since 2014, has infected tens of thousands of victims with remote access trojans (RATs), according to researchers. [More]

Wired – Ransomware Hits Georgia Courts as Municipal Attacks Spread
July 1
Following a 2018 attack that paralyzed the City of Atlanta for weeks, more than half a dozen cities and public services across the country have fallen to ransomware so far in 2019, on a near-monthly basis; the Administrative Office of the Georgia Courts became the latest victim on Saturday, when an attack knocked its systems offline. [More]

Verdict – Cirque du Soleil mobile app vulnerability put audience members at risk
July 1
A Cirque du Soleil mobile app that was used to provide additional audiovisual effects during performances has been found to have significant vulnerabilities that put audience members at risk. [More]

SC Magazine – Gay dating app fined $240,000 for leaking nudes and other personal data
July 1
The makers of the gay dating app Jack’d was fined $240,000 by the New York Attorney General’s Office for leaking private data and nude photos. [More]

The New American – Senator Whose Computers Were Hacked Appears Not to Have Notified Affected Constituents
July 1
Senator Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) has been a vocal critic of private companies’ failures to notify customers when data breaches occur, even sponsoring a federal law to force them to do so. [More]

The Hacker News – Two Florida Cities Paid $1.1 Million to Ransomware Hackers This Month
June 26
In the last two weeks, Florida has paid more than $1.1 million in bitcoin to cybercriminals to recover encrypted files from two separate ransomware attacks—one against Riviera Beach and the other against Lake City. [More]


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