What Are the Advantages of Hybrid Cloud?

Were you to tell anyone that cloud computing is growing, a “thanks Captain Obvious” retort is likely quick to follow. Anyone with a passing familiarity with technology knows that cloud computing is ascendant.
Yet the scale of this shift is not always fully appreciated. It’s projected that the cloud industry will double in size between 2020 and 2025, as enterprise adoption nears 100-percent. Every day, more businesses are integrating hybrid cloud setups into their operations.

So what does that mean for your organization? Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of incorporating public and private clouds (or hybrid clouds) into your organization, and some of the core security issues related to such a setup.

Hybrid Cloud Benefits

Why are organizations moving toward hybrid cloud setups at such a rapid pace? Consider the following advantages:

  • Business continuity. If a natural disaster strikes or your on-premises infrastructure fails for some reason, a hybrid cloud setup ensures that your operations are not interrupted. All critical data is stored in the cloud, minimizing the risk of costly downtime or data recovery costs.
  • Scalability. By migrating operations to the cloud, lessening hardware requirements, and taking advantage of automation rules it becomes possible to reap profound scalability benefits.
  • Lack of need for capital investments. Resources can instead be spread in a way that fosters innovation.
  • Greater control. Instead of going full public, it’s possible to retain greater control over their IT assets by operating with hybrid cloud architecture.
  • Tailored offerings. While pure public architecture tends to be designed for the many rather than the one, hybrid setups can be more purpose-built, minimizing resource demands and improving speed.

What About Hybrid Cloud Security Issues?

Hybrid cloud security, of course, is a major consideration for any organization making this shift. While public cloud providers make efforts to protect your assets, the truth is that these are much more open environments. Choosing the hybrid route can allow organizations to reap the benefits of cloud computing while facing less exposure from hybrid cloud security risks. While privately stored data may need to be transmitted to public environments for analytics and applications, it can also be encrypted, allowing for an added layer of strong protection.

So what else can organizations do to handle hybrid cloud security challenges? One important step involves deploying cybersecurity tools that have the capability of protecting your key assets within hybrid environments.

Why XM Cyber Offers Superior Cyber Defense for Hybrid Cloud

Our attack path management platform works by identifying vulnerabilities within your security environments on an automated and continuous basis. XM Cyber technology does this by launching simulated attacks within a live, production environment.

The XM Cyber platform not only finds vulnerabilities but also shows exactly how threat actors can exploit them and the damage that can ensue as a result. XM Cyber offers true risk-based vulnerability management and resource management, highlighting the most important attack paths to address based on the location of your critical assets. By deploying our technology, organizations can eliminate 99-percent of risk to critical systems by focusing on the one percent of exposures that can be exploited.

Importantly, XM Cyber is one of the only solutions within its niche that works flawlessly in hybrid cloud environments. By using XM Cyber technology, organizations can further mitigate the risks associated with using cloud infrastructure. Our technology allows you to see, in a step-by-step fashion, how attackers can steal your crown jewel cloud assets using the most sophisticated techniques. This is a critical step toward maintaining robust cloud security posture management by greatly reducing the possibility of misconfigurations and human errors.

The Takeaway

Hybrid cloud environments offer substantial benefits to today’s organizations — and XM Cyber can play an integral role in protecting your crown jewel assets in the cloud.

Please visit our website for more information about XM Cyber’s powerful hybrid cloud protection capabilities.

XM Cyber at a Glance

XM Cyber is the global leader in cyberattack path management. The XM Cyber platform enables companies to rapidly respond to cyber risks affecting their business-sensitive systems by continuously finding new exposures, including exploitable vulnerabilities and credentials, misconfigurations, and user activities.

XM Cyber constantly simulates and prioritizes the attack paths putting mission-critical systems at risk, providing context-sensitive remediation options. XM Cyber helps to eliminate 99% of the risk by allowing IT and Security Operations to focus on the 1% of the exposures before they get exploited to breach the organization’s “crown jewels” – its critical assets. XM Cyber was founded by top executives from the Israeli cyber intelligence community and has offices in North America, Europe, and Israel.

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Dan Anconina is Customer Operations Manager at XM Cyber


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