HaXM by XM Cyber– Security & IT Ops Use Case

Security & IT Ops

XM Cyber empowers the Security & IT Operations with automated reports highlighting key findings and prioritized actionable remediation, enabling a continuous evaluation of IT practices and reducing organizational risks. Benefiting from data-driven insights, the Security & IT Operations can create a big lift in the overall IT hygiene.

The Challenges

  • Evaluate risks related to IT practices
  • Shadow IT
  • Ever-changing infrastructure, network and threats landscape

XM Cyber’s Approach

  • Simultaneous and continuous APT attack scenarios customized to each network using real user behaviors and exploits
  • Comprehensive up-to-date attack methods and techniques
  • Automated reports with key findings and prioritized actionable remediation

The results

  • Continuous IT practices evaluation and risk reduction
  • IT best practices and policies
  • Big lift in IT hygiene
  • Data-driven insights

See HaXM by XM in action