HaXM by XM Cyber – Red Team Use Case

Red Team

XM Cyber empowers red teams, running various campaigns, to transition to advanced red teaming powered by automation and real time processes.

XM Cyber augments red teams, enabling them to run multiple attacks continuously, automatically and simultaneously. Each attack scenario benefits from a visual mapping tool highlighting all the attack paths to organizational target assets. The red team can then provide data-driven insights and enhance decision making.

The Challenges

  • Run attack scenarios at a given point in time, rather than continuously
  • The ability to run multiple and simultaneous attack scenarios
  • Limited resources – people and tools
  • Enhance decision making

XM Cyber’s Approach

  • Simultaneous and continuous APT attack scenarios customized to each network using real user behavior and exploits
  • Comprehensive up-to-date attack methods and techniques
  • Automated reports with key findings and prioritized actionable remediation

The results

  • All attack vectors to critical assets are identified continuously 24×7
  • Visual mapping highlights attack paths
  • Fully secure and invisible 24×7 APT simulation
  • Data-driven insights

See XM Cyber in action