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XM Cyber Awarded Prestigious Cyber Catalyst 2020 Designation

Company’s Leading Attack-Centric Risk Prioritization Platform Designated as a “Cyber Catalyst” solution by Leading Cyber Insurers

 HERZLIYA, Israel – February 23, 2021 – XM Cyber, the multi-award-winning leader in Attack-Centric Risk Prioritization, today announced that it has been awarded a Cyber Catalyst℠ designation as part of the annual Cyber Catalyst by Marsh℠ evaluation program.

“The Cyber Catalyst designation signals that leading insurers believe XM Cyber can help reduce cyber risk and strongly merits consideration by organizations who seek solutions that can yield meaningful improvements in cyber risk outcomes,” said Tom Reagan, Marsh’s US & Canada Cyber Practice leader. “The 2020 class of Cyber Catalyst solutions target the five most significant cyber risks identified by participating cyber insurers and, together with the 2019 designees, comprise a roster of more than 30 cybersecurity products those insurers believe can be highly effective against cyber threats.”

The Cyber Catalyst program was developed to give leading cyber insurers the opportunity to evaluate cybersecurity solutions and identify those they believe can reduce cyber risk. Organizations that adopt Cyber Catalyst-designated solutions may be considered for enhanced terms and conditions on individually negotiated cyber insurance policies offered by participating insurers. More than 90 cybersecurity vendors submitted their products for evaluation, and XM Cyber was one of only 15 to receive the designation.

“This designation demonstrates that XM Cyber can be an essential resource in reducing cyber risk for insurance companies and their customers,” said Raz Kotler, VP of Customer Operations and CISO, XM Cyber. “Our platform represents the most advanced attack simulation modeling system available for today’s complex hybrid networks.”

The XM Cyber platform continuously identifies new exposures and attack vectors, prioritizes the cyber risks that affect business-sensitive systems, and provides context-sensitive, least-effort remediation options. This constant analysis helps security and IT operation teams to achieve the highest possible security posture and operational efficiency by focusing and remediating the critical exposures that put a company’s critical assets at risk.

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XM Cyber is the global leader in Attack-Centric Risk Prioritization, which is also known as Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM). The XM Cyber platform enables companies to rapidly respond to cyber risks affecting their business-sensitive systems by continuously finding new exposures, including exploitable vulnerabilities and credentials, misconfigurations, and user activities. XM Cyber constantly simulates and prioritizes the attack paths putting mission-critical systems at risk, providing context-sensitive remediation options. XM Cyber helps to eliminate 99% of the risk by focusing allowing IT and Security Operations to focus on the 1% of the exposures before they get exploited to breach the organization’s “crown jewels” – its critical assets. XM Cyber was founded by top executives from the Israeli cyber intelligence community and has offices in North America, Europe, and Israel.

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