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XM Cyber Extends its Continuous Exposure Management Platform to the External Attack Surface 

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New capabilities empower security teams with end-to-end exposure management – from exposed internet-facing assets and exposed credentials to the organization’s critical assets


HERZLIYA, Israel – March 13, 2024 – XM Cyber, the leader in continuous exposure management, today announced the extension of its platform to include External Attack Surface Management (EASM) and exposed credentials capabilities. This new extension, in response to the evolving cyber threat landscape, empowers organizations to proactively manage and defend against cyber threats by providing unparalleled visibility into the attacker’s journey – from the initial planning to compromising critical assets. 

The external attack surface of organizations keeps expanding to support business initiatives. According to the Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report, 83% of cyber attacks were carried out by external actors, and 49% of breaches by external actors involved the use of stolen credentials. XM Cyber’s Continuous Exposure Management platform directly addresses this challenge by empowering organizations to visualize and prioritize exposures along the entire attack path, preventing high-impact attacks, enhancing remediation efficiency, and reporting on true risk. 

“XM Cyber is the only vendor who can discover attack paths all the way from the attacker’s initial concept, to the breaching point, to the organization’s critical assets. We do that across a hybrid environment of on-prem and cloud,” said Noam Erez, CEO and Co-Founder at XM Cyber. “Attackers breach external assets and then exercise lateral movement and reach critical assets anywhere in your environment. To remain one step ahead of attackers, organizations must be able to discover, visualize, and prioritize all exposures across the attack path end-to-end.”


Key capabilities of XM Cyber’s solution for securing the external attack surface include:

  • Discovery of Exposed Public-Facing Assets: Identifying internet-facing assets and monitoring them for vulnerabilities and risks allows customers to prioritize and remediate exposures that provide attackers an initial foothold and lead to a breach. 
  • Exposed Credentials Discovery and Prioritization: Monitoring Infostealers for stolen and leaked credentials identifies employees and customer accounts that are at risk, and enables customers to force password change, revoke active sessions, and enforce stronger authentication to block the use of these credentials.  
  • Impactful Remediation Prioritization: Identifying exposed assets and credentials, and then flagging them as breach points, offers a strategic advantage in visualizing the complete attack path, from the external attack surface, across on-prem and cloud environments, to the critical assets. This allows organizations to prioritize remediation efforts based on exploitability and impact, ensuring a more effective cybersecurity posture.

The addition of EASM and exposed credentials capabilities complements the XM Cyber Continuous Exposure Management platform’s discovery and prioritization scope, making it the most comprehensive solution for adopting CTEM (Continuous Threat Exposure Management). The CTEM framework was established by Gartner™ to help organizations transform from trying to fix endless lists of vulnerabilities, to a consistent, actionable remediation plan.  

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About XM Cyber   

XM Cyber is a leading continuous exposure management company that is changing the way organizations approach cyber risk. XM Cyber transforms exposure management by demonstrating how attackers leverage and combine misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, identity exposures, and more, across AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-prem environments to compromise critical assets. With XM Cyber, you can see all the ways attackers might advance, and all the best ways to stop them, pinpointing where to remediate exposures with a fraction of the effort. Founded by top executives from the Israeli cyber intelligence community, XM Cyber has offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Israel.  


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