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XM Cyber selects NextGen Group as first distributor in ANZ and across APAC

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SINGAPORE, September 14. XM Cyber, a leading hybrid cloud security company, today announced a new partnership with NextGen, its first value-added distributor (VAD) in Asia Pacific.

The partnership encompasses Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Philippines, as XM Cyber extends its go-to-market strategy across the Asia Pacific region.

“We look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship with NextGen, whose combination of specialist knowledge, innovative technology platforms and complementary services will enable our vendors to remain ahead in today’s dynamic IT environment”, said Stree Naidu, XM Cyber’s Vice President – Asia Pacific & Japan.

He added that despite the increasing investment in security solutions, cyberattacks are regularly going undetected. Enterprises are looking to gain a holistic view of their security posture but with so many tools and so many exposures to address, security and IT teams are at odds with each other around questions such as:

  • Which of the 1,000s of CVEs, misconfigurations and at-risk identities are a priority for remediation?
  • What can be done about any fixes that IT teams can’t complete?

XM Cyber helps enterprises gain an attacker’s view to their network, identifying the toxic combinations that create attack paths within and across the organisation’s on-prem and cloud environments.

Using attack graphs, enterprises gain the context of which critical assets are at most risk and what remediation options are available.  With this information, security and IT remediation teams can effectively communicate and align around the priorities for remediation that will create the most impact on risk reduction for their business.

“At NextGen, we’re focused on working with the world’s leading enterprise software providers, and we are highly selective about the technology partners we choose to work with,” said NEXTGEN Group CEO, John Walters.

He added: “We consider XM Cyber to be a high growth vendor with massive potential. Their exposure management platform allows users to see their on-prem and cloud networks continuously through the eyes of an attacker, and spot attacks before they happen.

“Thanks to the unique attack-path centred approach, teams can see what impacts their environment the most, which leads to better, faster, and more accurate alignment with IT. We look forward to a rapidly expanding and valuable relationship with XM Cyber.”

About XM Cyber

XM Cyber is a leader in hybrid cloud exposure management that’s changing the way organizations approach cyber risk. XM Cyber transforms exposure management by demonstrating how attackers leverage and combine misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, identity exposures, and more, across AWS, Azure, GCP and on-prem environments to compromise critical assets. With XM Cyber, you can see all the ways attackers might go, and all the best ways to stop them, pinpointing where to remediate exposures with a fraction of the effort. Founded by top executives from the Israeli cyber intelligence community, XM Cyber has offices in North America, Europe, and Israel.

About NEXTGEN Group

The NEXTGEN Group is a pioneering technology services group that supports the channel ecosystem. We do this through the active management of a portfolio of established and emerging technology vendors, coupled with innovative and unique services across cybersecurity solutions, cloud enterprise software and data management. This model is the next generation of IT solutions, knowledge, service and delivery. The business is a hub of collaboration within the channel that makes it easy for technology partners to do business with international vendors on complex and ever-changing product suites. Our unique and award-winning combination of specialist knowledge, innovative technology platforms and complementary services enables our partners and vendors to stay relevant and remain ahead in this dynamic IT environment. Visit


For more information:

Stree Naidu

Vice President – Asia Pacific & Japan, XM Cyber

Cell: +65 96344413

Email: [email protected]


John Walters

Group CEO


M: +61 432486439

E: [email protected]


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