XM Cyber Launches Book on Red & Blue Teaming

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The XM Cyber team is proud to announce that our very first book has just been released. Titled Red & Blue Team Quick Reads, it is a collection of some of the best recent blogs and published articles from thought leaders at XM Cyber.

“Our goal is to share some best practices for overall cybersecurity, red and blue team strategies, and general best practices,” said Jeff Anderson, XM Cyber’s VP Marketing, who served as publisher.

Click here to download the 60-page volume, featuring the following 14 chapters:

  1. Five Resolutions for CISOs Heading Into 2020
  2. 10 Hot Cyber Security Tips for Any Vacation
  3. A Closer Look at Cyber Attack Simulation
  4. Automating the Purple Team in the Face of APTs
  5. How Advanced Persistent Threats Work
  6. Simulating Attacks to Secure Banks: To Protect Your Green, Go Purple
  7. The Hidden Reason Companies Are Struggling to Secure Cloud Infrastructure
  8. Top 10 Tips to Spring Clean Your Cyber Security
  9. Why Is It So Easy for APTs to Move Through Our Networks?
  10. Why IT Hygiene Becomes Key to Protecting Your Critical Assets
  11. Seven Key Features of a Breach and Attack System
  12. Malproxying: Leave Your Malware at Home
  13. Lateral Movement: How to Block It
  14. 7 Top Challenges for CISOs in 2020


Book’s preface

The time has come for red and blue teams to win the cybersecurity war. After investing heavily in security defenses, the next step is to put those defenses to task to see if they stand up to real-life attacks.  Red and blue teams may expose an organization to potential hacking events, allowing the network, IT and security departments to identify gaps and to improve their overall security posture.  The goal is to understand and reduce risk associated with potential breaches.

Industry analysts continue to point out that attackers are not just relying on zero-day attacks. They have learned that large, dynamic networks are prone to human error, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities.  Hackers have all the time in the world to wait for simple mistakes to open doors to laterally move from point to point, searching for the most critical assets. Red teams find the pathways, blue teams remediate.

On a daily basis, the XM Cyber team creates “purple team” experiences for global entities, using sophisticated hacking techniques derived from time spent in the elite Israel intelligence sector.  There they were able to move under the radar of the most advanced IT defenses, successfully penetrating some of the most secure networks in the world.

Enjoy and remember to check the blogs at xmcyber.com for more insights in the future.

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